Why Developers Have the Best Community Across Every Industry

Why Developers Have the Best Community Across Every Industry

Exploring the Unmatched Strength of Developer Communities

May 6, 2024ยท

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Across many industries, we have different communities. These are places, usually online, where people gather to exchange information. Some are larger and some are smaller, like the Xbox Community on Twitter with 30K members or the Doctors Community on Reddit.

Although there are not that many developers, with Google reporting just below 27 million, they have a really strong community across the globe. Almost on every social platform, they unite and help each other to grow.

We are going to see why developer communities are the best compared to other really large ones around the world.

Open Source Miracle

For the first time in human history, an entire industry is based on free information available on the internet.

Imagine industries like banking, construction, or healthcare open-sourcing how they make vaccines, money, or large building designs. Every industry is based on secrets, and if entrepreneurs discover something like a new car engine, they immediately register their discovery so other people can't use it without licensing it.

Well, developers created Bitcoin and Linux. Imagine how much money Linus could make if he licensed his software. We could basically have a second Bill Gates here.


Before we continue with this article, I want you to know something. SQlite is a database used in almost every embedded system, from your iPhone to your Android phone.

Just read their code of ethics.

The motives of the developers are not only profit or revenue. I mean, it is; just because they have huge hedge funds behind them.

Mark Zuckerberg

Everyone is saying that Mark has been selling users' data for years to the government. That is true, but what is his actual motive? I don't think he is that evil. He is just a geek who wants to keep his company. And that geek has open-sourced tons of software that helps developers expand their knowledge. If he doesn't comply, he won't have a company.

I don't like him, but I give him credit for that.

Here is a list of some of the technologies he has open-sourced:

  1. React

  2. GraphQL

  3. Jest

  4. Presto

  5. Infer

  6. PyTorch

  7. Buck

  8. Flow

  9. Prophet

  10. Watchman

  11. Osquery

  12. TAO

  13. GraphPipe

  14. Folly

Start with ZERO Dollars

Just think of an industry that you can start with zero dollars and start making money within 6 months.

I can't think of any except doing something related to programming. Even if you do digital marketing, copywriting, or anything else, you will need a website or a custom platform eventually to handle all your customers.

Especially today, with all the inflation, developers are keeping up really well and not going broke. If you are good enough like levelsio or marklou, you can make a ton of money. And these two guys share their knowledge daily and help others grow.

The amount of free education around software development is massive, and no other industry can match it.

The Motive

If you want to determine if someone is guilty or not, you should take a look at their motive, as lawyers say. Well, I think the motive of almost every developer out there is a love for software and programming in general.

Because of that love, they help others, contribute to open-source, write blogs, and make YouTube videos.

So, we need to show our support and love and keep this community going. Support projects on Product Hunt and Kickstarter and help fellow programmers by mentoring them and showing them how to improve.

Final Words

The developer community excels due to its commitment to sharing and collaboration. With low barriers to entry, anyone can learn and innovate. The open-source movement plays a crucial role, promoting cooperation over competition.

Supporting this community through mentorship and contributing to open-source projects ensures its ongoing growth and impact on technological progress.

Let's continue to foster this spirit of collaboration.

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