How To Not Be Replaced By AI As A Software Engineer

How To Not Be Replaced By AI As A Software Engineer

Staying Relevant in the Age of AI: How to Future-Proof Your Software Engineering Career

May 24, 2024ยท

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Rumors about AI replacing developers have been circulating for the past 2 years. Since the launch of Chat-GPT 3.5, many of you have thought at least once, "What if AI indeed replaced me?"

Well, this is what we are going to discuss; a controversial topic with answers ranging from "No way, AI will never replace developers" to "We only have a couple of years left."

Where we are now

We've seen some disappointing launches like Devin, which is a really bad attempt to replace developers, but we also have Chat-GPT4, which is really good with programming questions.

So let's ask this question: "What percentage of your code is written or generated by AI?". For me, the answer is impressive. In my day-to-day life, I barely write code anymore. GitHub Copilot generates 60-70% with autocomplete, and Grok generates another 10%.

So hold on, you mean you write only 20% of your code? Well, actually yes. If we are not talking about the frontend, which is subjective and AI cannot really generate something good, on the backend, where most apps are basically the same, CRUD is 70% of the backend code, and it is being generated by AI.

Can We Get More With Current Technology

Talking about the backend, which is actual programming and not the frontend (which I have started to dislike lately), with current technology, we can reach a point where Copilot generates entire workflows.

With prompts like: "Generate 2 models one for users and one for articles the user will have these fields [columns] and this relationships [relationships] with articles and also generate the CRUD for this. Don't forget to not put the logic in the controller but in the services"

Copilot X in the future will do that and they are already working on features like that. Of course the code might not be 100% there but it gives you a boilerplate to work with.

Endangered Developers

AI will replace many labor jobs. Junior Developers are labor jobs. Junior Devs don't know about system design or problem-solving. They just exist to do the labor and basically the things that Senior Devs are bored of doing because it is a waste of time.

Senior Engineers discuss with managers, conclude software designs, and instruct juniors on what to do. Well, the people who need instructions will be replaced. Because giving instructions is what Seniors do, and if they can give instructions to an AI model, why pay a junior?

Basically, AI is a Senior Developer with no System Design knowledge and human logic.

You Are A Robot

Ask yourself one question to find out if you will be replaced by AI: How many instructions do I get daily?

If the answer is a lot, then you are most likely that you not going to exist in the realm of programming and work in general in the next few years. If you don't know what to do and need instructions rather than giving guidance to someone else or even guiding yourself, then my friend, you are in big trouble.

Most people are already robots or a version a AI themselves. So then why not a manager or a CEO not replace you with someone that has basically no human rights because its a computer program and needs to breaks or salary.


To avoid being replaced by AI, you need to emphasize skills that AI currently lacks. Focus on improving your problem-solving abilities, system design knowledge, and understanding of human logic.

Take on more responsibilities that require critical thinking, creativity, and strategic decision-making.

Continuously learn and adapt to new technologies and methodologies. By becoming more than just a programmer, you can secure your place in the industry.

Final Words

In conclusion, while AI is advancing rapidly and taking over many routine coding tasks, it is not yet capable of replacing the nuanced and critical thinking skills that senior developers provide.

To stay relevant in the industry, focus on honing your problem-solving abilities, system design expertise, and strategic decision-making. Continuously adapt and learn new technologies to ensure that you remain indispensable in a landscape increasingly influenced by AI.

By becoming less than a coder and more of a problem solver you have nothing to worry about.

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