How To Make Money On The Side As A Developer

How To Make Money On The Side As A Developer

Financial Growth: Practical Tips for Developers

May 30, 2024ยท

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Side-hustles are something you have definitely thought of before. Of course, you might not be the next Mark Zuckerberg, but making a few extra bucks on the side can benefit you a lot.

I am not going to talk about Upwork or other platforms because they didn't work for me, but I am going to share how you can gradually, and not overnight, make a few bucks here and there and overall improve your income.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme but advice to build a higher income in the long run.

Upwork Scam

I want to get Upwork out of the way before we start. This is because it's not that it is impossible to make money from Upwork, but you need to first do 4-5 jobs for free to build a reputation and then make some money.

On upwork reviews matter more than your portfolio, so even if you have a ton of projects built already if you don't have review you are not going anywhere.

This can take a long time, sometimes more than 4-5 months, depending on your location and how lucky you are.

Attention Based Economy

We are living in an attention-based economy, which means skill is no longer the only requirement. Of course, you need to know what you are doing, but being an expert is not necessary anymore.

We see OnlyFans creators making millions while you are stuck with your $50,000 job and don't know how to make more money. The first thing you should do is pick a platform, share your knowledge, and engage with others.

Whether you choose X or Reddit is irrelevant. Just don't choose Instagram or Facebook because most tech people are on X and Reddit. By posting daily and engaging 8-10 times per day, you will start building an audience.

This will give you a head start in finding new clients.

DM People

After you start building an audience, you have to start DMing people. I have found clients in the past just by asking them. Don't be afraid of sending a DM to someone.

Don't let that DM be fake, put effort into it and send it only to people you can genuinely help and to whom you think you can bring value.

Cold DMs are no longer working because everybody is doing it, but by putting effort into messaging people you have already interacted with on social media is a whole different game because you have built rapport with them.


From the things we have already discussed the main thing we are doing is that we build connection and connections are really important when it comes to money, because most of the money you will make will be from your connections.

You need to keep in mind that you have to show the professional side of yourself. You social media profiles should look professional by uploading useful content that is helping people.


If you have any customers already, you should always ask them for more. I had clients on the side making $400-500, and by offering them more options and selling them more ideas, I managed to get $3000 and more from them.

For example, if they have a blog, offer to create a newsletter for them or build an e-commerce website to sell services.

This is a proven method and will make your more money on the connections you have.


In conclusion, making money on the side as a developer requires strategy, persistence, and leveraging your connections.

Avoid the pitfalls of platforms like Upwork and focus on building an audience on social media, engaging meaningfully with potential clients, and upselling your services.

By consistently putting in the effort and showcasing your professional side, you can gradually increase your income and achieve financial growth.

Remember this is not an overnight success scheme. You need to put effort to be patient and gradually build your audience.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at, and I will respond.

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